I See What It Is And I Am Scared

by The Crytearions

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"She saw things so vile that she screamed in terror, and she heard him laugh in derision by her side. It was a scene of indescribable horror, and she put her hands to her eyes so she might not see it."

W. Somerset Maugham - The Magician



"So what you get is a wonky, wacky lo-fi record with a lot of fun to it. The sound is fuzzy, highly distorted and crappy really, but in a way that makes it sound like all those bands like Night Beats who get this worked up in the studio. It’s great" Guido, Some Will Never Know

"FUCK! Jimmy Monaghan is a loose cannon! This dude just springs all over the place like a gymnast squirrel on crack! The dude blows out waves of scuzzy bedroom lo-fi garage like he’s taking a shit on all the terrible music of today. Fast, furious and with no trace of Vin Diesel, I See What It Is And I Am Scared is a arse-hole ripper of an album and it fucking rules." Ryan Saar, Soundly Sounds

"The Crytearions sound like the kind of band that bangs out songs at a sweaty, dingy bar where the night begins with whiskey shots and beer chasers and ends with at least one stabbing. Classifying themselves as “lo-fi shitty punk,” this bedroom recording project from County Mayo, Ireland is filled with enough raw energy and manic power to light up a small Irish town." Angel Melendez, Fuzzy Headphones

"The ten tracks presented here are a gloriously self-indulgent sure thing. No wining, dining, uncomfortable silence or tip-toeing around. Like a girl who fancies shagging just as much as you do, Scared cannot wait until you are alone to get your mind and ears off as hard as possible, just so it can do it over and over again. Listen, Rinse and Repeat." Kevin Kelsey, Speaker Creatures

"Uncompromising, entirely unpolished and, in places, not entirely pleasant, I See What It Is And I Am Scared is also completely one-note, but that’s kind of the point. So much for the bedroom. The next step for Monaghan should be to unleash The Crytearions on an unsuspecting outside world."
Neill Dougan, Thumped

"The Crytearions are blown out riff rawk to the max; no studio time here folks. Catchy tracks that are fuzzy as hell? Well, that is a recipe for quality in my book." Spacerockmountain

"Que mejor manera de terminar con punk al rojo vivo. The Crytearions son pura energía Garage, la distorsión como arma predominante.
No pudimos encontrar mucha información sobre ellos, solo su página de Bandcamp, donde pueden adquirir su álbum “I See What It Is And I Am Scared” en formato cassette o bien descargarlo en mp3. Basta con decirles que su música levanta hasta la ballena mas encallada, the truth is I am more scared than them. Enjoy." Cassette Blog


released July 24, 2013



all rights reserved


The Crytearions Belmullet, Ireland

Lo-fi punk by an Irish man.

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Track Name: A New College Suburbia
Better keep it in your head,
Better keep off it it's driving you inbred.
"Gotta shave ya have a knife?"
"Used his last one on his wife" "oh"

I can tell that you've gone slack,
I can tell that you've been having too much craic.
I like to keep things in my sack,
Get it out when I attack.
Track Name: I Can't Believe What You Are
I can't believe what you are.

"Tastes like cold gruel."
"Our only fuel."

"Feels like skin tight."
"Those clothes flea bite."

I can't believe what you say,
I can't believe how you dance
We hang out in your room.
And wearing rubber gloves,
We get the job done,
And we have fun,
And we have some.

I can't believe what you are.
Track Name: Gross Situation
Well some men they lock women up,
The women they don't give a fuck,
Some of them they even ask for chains.

And there's Pro-lifers out on the street,
Acting as a charity,
But who am I to judge them anyway?

The posters they make children think; 'These options shouldn't exist for me?' and go on having thoughts of shame.
"'Cus killing babies is a sin"
"Ending something that didn't begin?"

You can't kill something that's never been born, duh.
Track Name: Early Retirement Plan
Pick some pockets as I walk downtown,
Hide stuff in the garden it'll never be found.
Swallow the things that God gives to me,
I'll live off the land and it'll live off me.

It takes a long time to get it right,
Work all day just to get to the night,
But I am working as hard as I can,
It's my early retirement plan.

Wear the same clothes 'till I'm 85,
Only drink dust 'till the day I'm alive.
Turn off signals and read some books,
Try to write some catchy hooks.
Track Name: Permanent Vacancy
Smoking green can take its toll
I'm livin' like an unwashed troll
In my room the music's on
The girl I love well she is gone

Everyday's the same I'm happy
It's comfortable and I don't give a

Life is cheap when you've no money
You still get by ain't it funny?
The first world's good for going hungry
But only if you're tying to get skinny
Track Name: Masses
Come on let's go, keep it in your masses.
Track Name: Be A Good Little Girl And Get Your Daddy A Beer
When you break your back at work
You just want a little perk
So go home and rest your skin
Laugh at something

This is what you've become

And your interrupted mind
Can't think after the grind
So you put on some gameshow
So the night won't go too slow
When the highlight of your day
Is what the actors say
Then you've got a lot to live
Just contemplate it

This is what you've become

And your life is very long
But it's almost half way gone
And you didn't even look at the possibilities.

Oh you better get it.
Track Name: Any Way You Want
You can go any way you want to go,
You can go any way you want.
Track Name: FGM
It happened once in the bathroom
Long ago when you weren't looking
There was no scar where there once was hair
In a place no-one saw so you didn't care

Why they act so normal?

Two years on you notice yourself again in the bathroom
Questioning who you are
How could you let him do this to you?
Placid face all day like a jellyfish ashore
Tried to talk about it but it was such a bore

Why they act so normal?

"Take my love and shit it backwards
Fuck is nicest of all the words
Burn my senses,
Burn your fences
Cold like dead fish
I can't have this."