Selected Recordings From The Album Trilogy

by The Crytearions

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The best bits. All the imaginary hits. No shits. One for the inquisitors, the idle listeners. The loners, the stoners, and the perpetual boners.


Total length: 16:01


Reviews from the trilogy:

"The Crytearions keep the momentum going with bursts of 2 minute or under buzz saw guitar and drum machine bangers. It never lets up, and I want to know more about this guy." Lo-Pie

"This bedroom recording project from County Mayo, Ireland is filled with enough raw energy and manic power to light up a small Irish town." Angel Melendez, Fuzzy Headphones

"FUCK! Jimmy Monaghan is a loose cannon! This dude just springs all over the place like a gymnast squirrel on crack!." Ryan Saar, Soundly Sounds

"Uncompromising, entirely unpolished and, in places, not entirely pleasant, I See What It Is And I Am Scared is also completely one-note, but that’s kind of the point." Neill Dougan, Thumped

"The Crytearions are blown out riff rawk to the max; no studio time here folks. Catchy tracks that are fuzzy as hell? Well, that is a recipe for quality in my book." Spacerockmountain

"The sound is fuzzy, highly distorted and crappy really, but in a way that makes it sound like all those bands like Night Beats who get this worked up in the studio." Guido, Some Will Never Know

"This is the shit, the stuff that gets the vans flipped over, crowds at concerts stage diving and reviewers drooling while banging their heads until a feeling of euphoria satisfies us all." Yeah I Know It Sucks

"This is a very unique and exciting project. Not quite punk, noise, rock, or anything really but a bizarro amalgam of musical ideas all processed into a blender and a unstoppable noisy, but surprisingly catchy, sludge is poured out." ESH Music


All these songs came from:
"The Crytearions" (2013) tracks: 3, 7
"I See What It Is And I Am Scared" (2013) tracks: 2, 4, 6,10
"These Songs Hate You" (2014) tracks: 1, 5, 8, 9


released February 7, 2016

Written, performed, and recorded by The Crytearions.



all rights reserved


The Crytearions Belmullet, Ireland

Lo-fi punk by an Irish man.

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Track Name: Mr. Monkton
There is a man that likes to stay inside,
Lives with his wife who has long since died.
He only uses reusable fuel,
Fixes things with his special tool.

And he knows that there’s a world out there,
It’s not that that he’s that he’s scared.

He just knows not to go out there,
People suck almost everywhere.
He’s so happy by his fireplace,
Constant smile across his face.

And he showers only once a week,
Underneath a very bad leak,
Reads books about poverty,
And drinks a lot a lot of tea yeah.
Track Name: Early Retirement Plan
Pick some pockets as I walk downtown,
Hide stuff in the garden it'll never be found.
Swallow the things that God gives to me,
I'll live off the land and it'll live off me.

It takes a long time to get it right,
Work all day just to get to the night,
But I am working as hard as I can,
It's my early retirement plan.

Wear the same clothes 'till I'm 85,
Only drink dust 'till the day I'm alive.
Turn off signals and read some books,
Try to write some catchy hooks.
Track Name: A New College Suburbia
Better keep it in your head,
Better keep off it it's driving you inbred.
"Gotta shave ya have a knife?"
"Used his last one on his wife."

I can tell that you've gone slack,
I can tell that you've been having too much craic.
I like to keep things in my sack,
Let it out when I attack.
Track Name: No Escaping
If you go to where there's a road and there's nobody around,
You can take a turn and then you won't be found.
Bring a couple pumpkins seeds,
Some biodiesel and some magazines.
Set up camp and take it slow,
The wilderness is hard you know,
But reinvent yourself and bring some friends,
You never know you might start a trend.
You'll have it all,
The sweet honey bee.
Oh shit no we're on government property,
And we don't have everything we need, because we need a patent for this seed!
The cities are like lobster pots,
We need fresh air or have you forgot?
There's nothing in the country-side,
Nothing to do and nowhere to hide,
And humans are pesticide.
Do I want to be one? I can't decide!

There's no escaping them,
There's no escaping them,
There's no escaping them.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Know What I Know
Look away, look away,
You'll destroy your vision.
Look away or you'll have a fit.
Evil lives, evil lives,
Under one condition,
All it asks is that you nurture it.

I don't want to know,
I don't want to know,
I don't want to know what I know what I know no no no.

We've evolved, we've evolved,
Into something fishy,
Merging with technology.
When it's done they'll have won and it won't be natural,
In our minds they'll have the driver's seat.
They will move us around and we won't even know it.
What they speak we won't understand.
We will live, we will live.
Just for their progression.,
As they pillage all our land.

I don't want to know,
I don't want to know,
I don't want to know what I know what I know no no no.
Track Name: Permanent Vacancy
Smoking green can take its toll,
I'm livin' like an unwashed troll,
In my room the music's on,
The girl I love well she is gone.

Every day's the same I'm happy,
Every day's the same.
It's comfortable and I don't give a.

Life is cheap when you've no money,
You still get by ain't it funny?
The first world's good for going hungry,
But only if you're tying to get skinny.
Track Name: Two Men, One Horse
Teeth as clean as summer cotton,
Take a look at mine they've gone all rotten,
'Cus I like to get this, get this dirty,
Gonna drink a beer and get all flirty,
With academy members in a tuxedo I look so slim.
I can't escape myself, ego is taking over,
You're like me, you have no lucky clover.
When I was born someone told me "It takes a lot to get far, get going now."

Gone so bitter now I'm happy, please don't talk to me.
These boots were made for kicking ass, and it is yours I see.

Don't feel alive when I'm online,
We need to go out where the lights don't shine,
And where the people dress all differently,
Two men, one horse, and the sea, let's go.

Gone so bitter now I'm happy, please don't talk to me.
These boots were made for kicking ass, and it is yours I see.
Track Name: Is Ray Ill?
There's something wrong with Ray he's messing with his brother,
Nobody cares not even their mother.
He's spitting at him, causing him bother,
No-one bats an eyelid not even their father.
You give him an inch and he takes a mile,
Does it all with a very coy smile.
Whispering insults under his breath,
Ray is starving his brother to death.

Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is,
I think he is.
Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is.
Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is,
I think he is.

Fuck the metaphor it's a waste of time,
People are dying in Palestine.
But don't say a word to upset the beast,
Because the U.S need their foothold in the Middle East.
There's no point in having this debate,
There's always going to be a Zionist state.
But when you mix religion with politics,
You always get the same bitches and dicks.
Arguing about God,
Arguing about soil,
Then you realise it's all about oil.
Deserts will burn,
Oceans will boil,
Aw Ray is getting awfully spoiled.

Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is,
I think he is.
Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is.
Is Ray ill?
I think he is,
I think he is,
I think he is.
Track Name: The President Of Costa Rica
The President of Costa Rica came walking in,
Took off his hat, pulled up a chair, and bought a pint of gin.
Everybody gathered around him, and they heard him say,
Something awfully peculiar, in a peculiar way.
He say;
He say;

"I don't care what you know or what you think,
If I did that then I would shrink.
I need to be the perfect President,
We need to make a perfect government.
We need to focus on community,
Don't bother with big companies.
If we all live economically,
We could all live off of things in the sea.
And every one would be happy,
I can make this a reality.
So if you like my crazy philosophies,
Then come on and dance with me,
'cause I'm the president of Costa Rica,
I'm the president of Costa Rica."